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Itchy Poopzkid are Sibbi alias Sebastian Hafner(Bass, Vocal and Guitar), Panzer alias Daniel Friedl (Bass, Vocal and Guitar) and Tobi alias Saikov ( Drummer) they come from Eislingen an der Fils in Germany. Itchy Poopzkid make Punk/Rock.. In 2000 four boys practiced their music in a school room with the name “Nutella”. In 2001 one of the boys left the band and they decided to call their band Itchy Poopzkid. The first big shows they had with bands like Donots, Die happy, and Muff Potter. Later they recorded their first demo CD. They won many competitions as a Young Punkrockband. In 2002 their first demo CD was sold very well and they played more and more shows. In 2003 they had 80 shows in Germany, Austria and Schwitzterland. They were the support band for Boy Sets Fire, Donots, Gutter mouth, Terrorgruppe, Sincere, Heideroosjes and Wohlstandskinder. Their 4-track EP called „Having a time“ was in stores and was released but only sold for 1000 pieces. On many Festivals they rocked with bands like Emil bulls, Anti-flag, 4lyn, H- blockx and Die happy. In November the boys had their first own Germany Tour with “Not Available” .For the Tour they presented a Live CD called” 10-track LIVE-CD
„! “.In 2004 Itchy Poopzkid had their second great Tour with 5 Bugs. On December they recorded their first album “Heart to Believe”. In 2005 they were 3 months in the studio for the new album. Then in the middle of July they signed for a record label by “Where are my records” in Berlin .On 7th October their first Album “Heart to believe” was in the stores in Germany, Austria and Schwitzerland. In 2006 they played support shows for Zebra head, Yeallowcard and +44. Rock´n´roll Overkill-Tour with Dog eat Dog to Germany, Austria and Schwitzerland in November. After the shows they recorded their second album called “Time to Ignite” then a Support tour for Die happy all the December followed.
At the end of this year Itchy Poopzkid played 112 Shows. In 2007 they made their first video “Silence is killing me “in Nürnberg. Single release was on 23rd March and album release was at 30 of March “Time to Ignite”.” Time to Ignite” were produced by Achim Lindermeir and mixed by Olaf Opal
In April they took part on a band trip made by MTV and won this competition vs. Madsen. They moderated Mtv/ Trl and Rock zone in Berlin.
Second video was showed on Mtv “And I’ll walk away” at the end of July .Release was on the 13rd July. Over the summer they played on many Festivals like Olgas Rock and Area 4.
At the end of November their own Tour started and now Itchy Poopzkid are no longer a support Act, finally they play their own tour.


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